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OnePlus 8T Pro McLaren Edition may not happen as McLaren drops OnePlus from its partner list

If you are a McLaren fan, this is not a great year for you. The Formula 1 2020 season has been delayed with a couple of races cancelled and McLaren’s ace driver Carlos Sainz will be departing for Ferrari at the end of the year. To add to the misery, it now seems that OnePlus has also parted ways with the British racing outfit. Hence, if you have dreamt of buying a McLaren Edition OnePlus flagship this year, you may be out of luck.

A fan on Reddit going by the user name of rudefyet has notified that OnePlus is no longer listed as a partner for the McLaren F1 team for 2020. McLaren has been listing OnePlus as its brand partner for the last one year, with the OnePlus logo making it to the 2019 McLaren MCL34 F1 racer’s halo at the start of the 2019 season. Chances are that the OnePlus-McLaren deal was supposed to last only for one year.

For fans of McLaren looking to secure the special edition of the OnePlus flagships in the future, it could be an utter disappointment. With the partnership not existing, OnePlus could stop making the McLaren Edition of its phones and instead strike a deal with some other partner for this year’s OnePlus 8T series. Based on the past partnerships, OnePlus may strike a deal with another franchise that culturally popular for the geek community.

Prior to the McLaren partnership, OnePlus joined hands with two superhero movie franchise for special edition models of its phones. The OnePlus 5T was the first phone to get a special edition variant that celebrated the launch of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie back in November 2017. Almost six months later, OnePlus launched a OnePlus 6 Avengers:Infinity War Edition device.

The partnership with McLaren spawned a total of three special edition devices, out fo which only were available commercially. The first one was the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition that introduced 10GB RAM as well as OnePlus’ famed 30W fast charging system. The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition came almost six months ago and the Indian variant got 12GB RAM along with a couple of McLaren themed goodies. Of course, these phones had a whip of the Papaya Orange that drapes the McLaren supercars as well as the F1 cars.

Both OnePlus and McLaren are yet to give out an official statement regarding this. If the partnership has ended, OnePlus fans have a new theme of special edition phones from OnePlus to look forward to. As a McLaren fan, I would surely miss those orange coloured OnePlus phones. But hey, as OnePlus says, one should never settle.


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