Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Bests Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max in Drop Test Video

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra bested the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max in a drop test conducted by a YouTuber. As per the video shared on “EverythingApplePro EAP” channel, Samsung’s flagship was able to better withstand the drop test than the Apple’s flagship. In the video, both the phones were given the same treatment and got damaged during the process. In the video, the iPhone 12 Pro Max back glass breaks after a fall from 10 feet, and Galaxy S21 Ultra has its lens cover ripped off after the second fall.The video on YouTube channel “EverythingApplePro EAP” shows both phones’ durability. Samsung has put a Gorilla Glass Victus in the Galaxy S21 Ultra
₹ 105,999and the iPhone 12 Pro Max
₹ 129,699comes with Ceramic Shield, which Appleclaims is the toughest glass on a smartphone, on the front. Apple says that the glass is infused with nano-ceramic crystals to dramatically improve toughness.In the video, both Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max were dropped from waist height, head height and 10-feet. Both the phones survived the drop from waist height. When dropped on its back from head height, the protection of its 3x zoom lens came off from the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Similarly, when dropped from 10 feet, the back glass on the iPhone 12 Pro Max shattered, and the front of the Galaxy S21 Ultra received damage.

Poco X3 ReviewAdditionally, both the phones also got dents and marks on their frames after the drop tests. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has an aluminium chassis, and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with surgical-grade stainless steel.This is not the first time someone has done this durability test. A video by the JerryRigEverything channel shows that despite giving a better drop protection, the Ceramic Shield glass on the iPhone 12 Pro is just as prone to scratches as any regular glass protection. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have the same chassis and design. In a recent video posted by JerryRigEverything, it is seen that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera module is prone to scratches and marks.

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