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Google Pixel 5 likely to be cheaper than Pixel 4A

Google’s Pixel 4a series of phones hasn’t even been launched yet, but we already appear to have started to get information about the Pixel 5 phones. Fresh reports claim to reveal important information about the Pixel 5 devices, including the core hardware on the phones.

A new report by XDA Developers and another one by AndroidPolice’s David Raddock have all but confirmed that the Pixel 5 won’t bring a flagship chipset. Instead, it will come packing a Snapdragon 765 chipset under the hood.

This is big news considering that Google in the past has stuck to equipping its flagship phones with only the most powerful flagship processors in the business. The move to the Snapdragon 765 would essentially turn the Pixel 5 into a mid-range flagship, and greatly alter the line-up’s identity.

Another hint that the Pixel 5 may actually sport a mid-range chipset, instead of a flagship one, are the recent Google Opinion Rewards survey, which has hinted that the Pixel 5 may start retail a $699 — $100 cheaper than then Pixel 4.

Although nothing to get too excited about, the survey did ask users what would their choice be if a premium Google Pixel phone was to be made available at $699. While the price may look too aggressive, it has to be noted that the Pixel 5 without a powerful top-end chipset may actually be quite achievable at this price point.

Another reason why the Pixel 5 could actually retail for this low price point is that it may also miss out on the Motion Sense technology. The feature will reportedly be missing from the Google Pixel 5 series which should be launched later this year.

The feature uses Project Soli radar chip which enables a gesture-based control system on the phone. While gesture-based controls are available on other phones too, Googles is the most sophisticated as it depends on a Soli radar chip hardware.

The removal of the chip would also make sense as the presence of the Soli chip also ensured that Google could not make the phone available in a lot of regions. This is because the radar chip uses a certain frequency range, which is reserved for the military in many countries like India, Japan and China.

Apart from this, the Pixel 5 series is said to come with a triple-camera setup on the back and also includes a wide-angle sensor at the back. For now, however, there is little else known about the device. But more should be known in the coming weeks once the Pixel 4a finally becomes reality.


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