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TikTok, Mi Community, Shareit, other 56 Chinese apps banned in India: What happens if you have them on phone

India on Monday evening banned 59 Chinese apps. It is a significant move that comes in the middle of India’s trouble with China at its border where Chinese soldiers have occupied some Indian territory. The list of the banned apps has popular apps like TikTok, Mi Community, DU Battery Saver and Shareit and others. To see the full list of the apps, please check this.

So what happens next?

Next, the banned apps are likely to be removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS APP Store as soon as the two companies are given a copy of the order by the government. We have asked both Google and Apple to understand what the two companies will do next.

Apple has told Tech with Prakalp that “Once the government order comes in, the apps will be removed from India App Store because it is required by the law.” We are still waiting to hear from Google, although chances are that the banned Chinese apps will be soon removed from the India Play Store for Android because a few months ago when an India court ordered against TikTok the app was removed.

But what happens if the banned app is already on your phone?

In India, banned apps like TikTok have hundreds of millions of users. Many other apps too are extremely popular.

Chances are that the banned will stop working soon because not only India is banning these apps but also going to block them. Here is what the IT Ministry said in its statement:

“The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs has also sent an exhaustive recommendation for blocking of these malicious apps… the government of India has decided to disallow the usage of (these) apps.”

The blocking of the apps is going to be done by blocking the apps on networks, which are 4G and wired internet connections managed and operated companies like Airtel and Jio.

Once the apps are blocked at the network level, they will stop working unless a user decides to utilise a VPNs.

Currently, the government hasn’t said anything about whether people are supposed to use these apps or if using them is going to be illegal. But effectively, the government through its order makes it clear that it doesn’t want TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps in India or on the phones of Indian users.


2 thoughts on “TikTok, Mi Community, Shareit, other 56 Chinese apps banned in India: What happens if you have them on phone

  1. You should self boycott them because there are chances that China can Cyber attack through these apps you should download other alternative for these apps like for ‘Cam Scanner’ you can download ‘Adobe Scan’ it’s not a Chinese App


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