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WhatsApp rolled out many features this year like the Always Mute feature, multiple device support feature, WhatsApp Payments and Carts for WhatsApp businesses, etc. The messaging platform also has privacy features like blocking contacts. It also gives users the option to hide their profile picture from all contacts. WhatsApp profile pictures can be saved by contacts or users, or even by taking a screenshot. WhatsApp gives users the option to hide their profile picture from contacts who are not added to their contact list. It also gives users the option to hide their profile pictures from all contacts.

Here is how you can hide your profile picture:

— Open WhatsApp.

— Go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

— Tap on Profile Photo.

— The default setting is ‘everyone’ in the list of options.

— If users want their profile pictures to be displayed to their contacts, select ‘My contacts’

— Select Nobody if you do not want the photo to be displayed to anybody.

Once the profile picture is hidden, a grey avatar appears on the user’s profile and in WhatsApp chats.

There is no option on WhatsApp to hide a profile picture from only certain users. However, users can remove those users from their contact list and then set the privacy to only My Contacts from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users can mark chats as unread

Many times users read WhatsApp messages but forget to reply to them. In such cases, users can mark a chat as unread on WhatsApp that can act as a reminder so that users can reply to those messages later. To mark a chat as unread, users can press and hold the chat and tap the unread icon on Android. iPhone users can swipe the chat to the right and tap the unread icon to mark the conversations unread.

WhatsApp users can also read and send messages without opening the chat. Users can either give a verbal command to virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant to help you read messages. Users can also read and reply from the screen when they receive a message on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also gives the option to reduce the data used in a call by following the given steps:

— Go to Settings > Data and Storage usage.

— Under the Call Settings section > Enable Low Data Usage option.
WhatsApp users can also keep track of how much storage chats are taking up. WhatsApp has an option where you can view your contacts and how much space they are taking by following these steps:

— Go to WhatsApp > Storage and data usage >Storage usage.

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