Telegram 7.4 iOS Update Will Let You Import WhatsApp Chats Using a Migration Tool

Telegram has released an update for its app on iOS that includes a migration tool to let users import chats from WhatsApp and other apps. The mention of the new tool is part of the Telegram 7.4 update. But another update (Telegram 7.4.1) released soon after does not include the mention of the new migration tool. However, in our testing, users were able to transfer their chat history from WhatsApp even after installing the 7.4.1 version of Telegram. This could be good news for people who want to move away from WhatsApp after its contentious privacy policy changes.
The release notes of Telegram of version 7.4 on iOS includes the mention of the tool: ‘Move your chat history from other apps (WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk) to Telegram’.
Telegram then almost immediately released version 7.4.1 for iOS, removing the mention of the migration tool. However, after updating to Telegram version 7.4.1, we were still able to use the tool to migrate chats from WhatsApp to Telegram. The process is fairly easy.

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Chats that have been imported to Telegram show the original time stamp, along with the text, “imported”

On WhatsApp, you need to swipe from right to left on the individual chat you would like to migrate and then tap on More, then choose the Export Chat option. A pop up will ask if you want to move the chat with or without attachments, which can be imported to Telegram through the iOS Share Sheet.

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When you select Telegram, it will ask you to select the contact or group you want to migrate the specific chat to, and the messages will be synced for you in the chat history of the contact. Messages imported from other apps come with a flag at the bottom that says ‘Imported’. This works for both individual chats, and groups. Chats that have been imported show the original time stamp, along with the text, “imported” and the time when they were copied over.
Telegram has not yet announced the new migration tool officially on its social handles or elsewhere apart from the iOS update notes. There is no mention about when the tool will be available for Android either. The tool could still be a work-in-progress for iOS, and it is likely that the company will make an announcement once it is ready to go. As mentioned, some users are still able to import chats to Telegram from other apps after installing the latest update that is available on the App Store.

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