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After Shorts, YouTube testing another short-video platform Clips

YouTube seems to be working on a short video posting platform. The Google-owned video platform has started testing Clips that would let users create a short segment from their videos and live streams. The feature is being tested in beta and hence it is limited to only a handful of users. The feature will be initially available to Android and desktop users once it is rolled out.

As per a report by XDA developers, YouTube will make it possible to share selected bits of a video. YouTube will also share Clips from the live streams on the Google-owned video platform.

“Today we are launching an experimental version of Clips on YouTube. Check out videos on the Creator Insider channel and test it out yourself! Clips are 5-60 sec, shareable, segments of content (Live/VOD) that live on top of the original video,” Lester, Global Head of Gaming creators, YouTube shared on Twitter. He also posted a video of how the features work.

YouTube will let users edit small clips from live streams and other videos. Users can edit out their favorite portion from a video and save it. However, the viewer can only edit and save a video clip from the time between 5-60 seconds

“Clips on YouTube allows you to select a 5-60 second segment of a creator’s content (video uploads and streams) that can be shared with others across platforms. If you’re viewing content from one of the channels in this experiment, you’ll see a clip icon under the video that will allow you to select a portion of the video that you want to clip. The clip will be played on the original video and loop repeatedly,” YouTube explained in the blog.


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