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Realme Magdart , company says it’s better than Apple Magsafe

Realme Magdart, the World’s First magnetic charging solution for Android.

The company claims that this Magdart is a lot faster than Apple Magsafe.

The Magdart Accessories contains a 15W Magdart Charger, which the company said is the thinnest magnetic wireless charger on the market. It can top up a battery from 0 to 100 per cent in 90 minutes, which is dramatically faster than MagSafe, which takes around 240 minutes.

Magdart 15 W Charger measures 3.9 mm only , which means it’s easy to carry.

But those who want even more faster-charging speed will have to compromise on portability. There is a 50W MagDart charger that looks like a box, has vents for heat dissipation, and uses a USB-C port for power input. Realme claimed that this MagDart solution with 50W output is similar to its 50W SuperDart charging technology, which means a 4500mAh battery will get full charge in around 54 minutes, much faster than Apple’s only MagSafe charger.

The biggest challenge for the 50W MagDart charger is overcoming high temperatures but to solve this, Realme uses an active air cooling system that keeps the mainboard and coil temperatures at a reasonable level with a compact fan that can quickly remove heat by drawing a large airflow into the charger so that it can maintain the charging power at a high level for a longer time.


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